Drifting against the ebb and flow of air against matter
I make my way through life
As a seeded dandelion tossed and shaken by the winds of time.
Once waltzing in a ball gown of sunshine
Hidden crinolines concealing youthful exuberance
I am crushed under the fading of time.
As the breezes take my destiny
to cast it carelessly into a chasm filled with pain
I cannot help but wonder
if the music will ever play across the field of life again.
I accept the garden's offering. I accept that the wind will blow.
Yet each breeze that pushes air against matter
only reminds me that soon ...
... too soon
The seeded dandelion will whither, fade and exist no more.     

- - - - - Jann 2003


It's back.


May 28th and the high today here in metro Phoenix ...

... 111.

Mmmmmmmm. Toasty.


I opened the front door this morning at 4:45am and the atmosphere felt oppressive. The air was heavy and very warm.

The news folks are talking about severe ozone and heat warnings for the metroplex.

One reporter called our heat inversion atmosphere "toxic sludge". Ahhh, the air that we chew on.

The deadly desert: rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widows, gila monsters, recluse spiders ... and air.

Oh yes. It's a dry heat. Dry and dangerous.


News by phonics?

I am watching CNN this morning, seeing "breaking news" about the newly released Ayman al-Zawahri (Al Qaeda official) tape.

CNN anchor, Leon Harris, throws the story to in the field reporter, Peter Bergen.

Bergen is reporting telephonically. Under his photo, it read:

Peter Bergen reporting from Wahaca, Mexico.


Um, guys? .... that would be Oaxaca, Mexico.

Apparently someone at CNN is indeed hooked on phonics.


Two words:

Clay Aiken.

Babe, you took my breath away with "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

Two words:

Simply amazing.


For awhile there, the spam to my email had begun to slow to a trickle.

Three or four offers a day to take out an auto loan, home loan, learn how to use e-Bay, meet sexy young women, buy cheap inkjet cartridges ...

... and enlarge a penis I do not have or to lose weight while I sleep (I wonder if you took the penis enlarging drug with the lose weight drug, if it would cancel each other out ... or simply create a long, verrry skinny organ?)

But now? whoosh! It's a freakin' tsunami!

I have no idea what in the heck happened. I usually check my email before I go to sleep ... about 1:am-ish and then check it again in the morning, about 6:am-ish.

28 emails? 46 emails? Overnight! What the @&!*$*? All spam!

It appears that the spammers get by my "spaminator" by using the RE: blah blah blah in the subject line. That way, the "spaminator" thinks it is a reply to an already generated email.

You know that do not call me list that has been approved by the federal government? You know ... the one that you can sign up for (in July, I think) to stop phone solicitors and is regulated by the individual state's Attorney Generals?

Well, I sure wish they would seriously look into making spamming a crime.

I own a home, I have a new car, I could care less about e-Bay, the only sexy young women that interest me would be carrying mops, brooms and dustcloths and would be attacking the dust coyotes in my domicile, I have plenty o' ink cartridges ... and well, you already know I do not need to enlarge a phallus I do not possess nor would I take a drug to lose weight ...

... but dayum, I would run (not walk) to support any legislation that would make spamming criminal activity!

Meanwhile, Happy May Day.

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