In Memory ...

Personal update: Still sick, very weak and fighting the toxin.

Thank you to all expressing concern.

For now, I am on temporary internet hiatus.


A brief notation or two ...

...the bite of hiney [see 11/6/00] has become full blown toxic symptoms.

Either that ... or the damn critter that bit me had the freakin' flu!

I am ill. Way ill. ... 'nuff said.

I crawled outta bed yesterday morning and cast my vote (more about that when I can sit comfortably).

Then I wore my "I Voted Today" sticker to bed on my jammies.

Somebody just shoot me.

No, I mean it.

Put this ol' dog outta her misery.



Well, if this doesn't beat all!

I have heard of taking a bite outta someone's ass but I always thought it was pure slang, perhaps bordering on profane ... but literally?

Or should I say, butt literally.

It has been a cold, wet Fall here in the desert southwest. Creatures and critters that normally enjoy our mild autumn climate are seeking warmer, drier respite.

Apparently one of these creepy crawlies found respite alright... in my pants ferchrissakes!!

After a cold, wet morning visiting a client, I came home to change out of the appropriate business attire into some snuggly sweats, warm slippers and oversize long t-shirt ... my typical winter aprés work wear.

Don't ask me how, what, why, etc. ... but the "where" was obvious! All of a sudden I felt a burning, stinging flame at the top of my right buttock near that crevice we technically refer to in the medical world as "the butt crack".

Since I do not have eyes in the back o' my head, I run ... [*to the best of my ability with pantyhose somewhere around my knees*]... to the bright light of the bathroom mirror and do that famous over the shoulder "what the &*$#@!?" glance.

Almost before my eyes, I see the swelling start ... the bruising was immediate ... the pain was excruciating ... and there were four very distinct tiny puncture marks.

What the hell?

I look for a black widow or brown recluse spider ... perhaps a scorpion? Nothing.

(I could go into a diatribe about looking for an old boyfriend who was both toxic and had an affinity for my behind ... oh nevermind.)

I started feeling short of breath and itching all over. Now, as those of you in the medical world know, these are early signs of anaphylaxis ... the serious allergic reaction that can indeed be fatal. Ugh.

Or ... they can be signs of a woman who was just bit on the hiney by creature unknown and is worried that it might be serious (hence the shortness o' breath due to adrenaline) and itching because it creeps me out to think something uninvited was crawling on me ... especially my arse!

I wait. The symptoms, pain and bruising get worse.

With much consternation, some trepidation and wee hesitation ... off to urgent care I go.

The indignity of "dropping trou" in front of associates to reveal a butt crack bite is slightly more painful than the wound itself.

Diagnosis: Yep, something bit me on the butt. Duh!

Yep, it could be serious if not watched closely. Oh just great, I get to repeat this hiney revelation every couple of days for two weeks to make sure it does not abscess.

Well, if the Keflex (antibiotics), hot epsom compresses, and benadryl shots don't cure my bottom, then I am sure the humiliation will.

And that, dear friends, is the end of the story ... [*nudge nudge*]


Where do I begin to find the right words?

Words that could scoop so many of you up within them and hold you tight with total appreciation?

Words that can make you feel as special and as cared for as YOU have made me feel today?

Alas, tonight I find myself a poor wordsmith. My spirit is elated, my heart is full and my eyes brim with tears of joy and wonder ... yet somehow, the right words simply fail me tonight.

My day began with an early dawn phone call waking me with a magical song of celebration ... a song that was later sung repeatedly and I never grew tired of it.

My email yielded note upon note ... each one special, cherished, and appreciated. Each with words that warmed my soul and brought my spirit soaring on the wings on eagles!

A notation was made here, there and elsewhere online chronicling this day ... at times, I found myself unable to read the words without wiping the tears of treasure from my eyes.

My phone rang throughout the day ... and I anxiously awaited the surprise of the voice greeting me ... voices celebrating the day with me, for me ... special people, special voices.

Gifts arrived by mail, courier, florist, email, and in person. Gifts that touched me with their forethought, beauty, kindness ... and generosity.

Greeting cards fill my desk, my shelves ... and my spirit.

This day was not supposed to happen for me. But with His grace, it did.

I am so very glad that you were all there to share it with me:

Mom, Bob, Jason ... Andrea & Family, Ann, Anna, Cynthia, Chrissy, CWWE, GH, Elise, Georgia, Helmuth, Jane & Bob, Jane, Jeff C., Jeff P., Karen & Mike, Kelly, Kristin, Moyra, Nikki, Ray & Steve, Rob, Sandra, Sue, Suzn, Tracey, and Ursula.

Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful! You are all loved.


For Eve ...

The month of November always brings me many mixed emotions.

There are days within this month that I celebrate in honor of birth. There are days within this month that I mourn in remembrance of death.

There is a day that I raise my spirit in harmony with so many Americans in gracious thanksgiving.

So, on this first day of November:

I thank you E & A, for 8:32a.m. tomorrow morning.

I thank the parents of k.d., Sharon, Chet and Becky for their precious gifts to the world.

I thank you Dad, for all that you taught me ... oh, how I miss your voice, your touch, and your smile.

A daughter, my friend, thousands of miles away ... misses her mother.

The world misses John F. Kennedy.

In this month filled with mixed emotions, gratitude remains most prevalent ... in thanksgiving for all my days.

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