Happy Thanksgiving


"It's now or never come hold me tight
kiss me my darling be mine tonight
tomorrow will be too late
it's now or never my love won't wait"
- Schroeder/Gold's "It's Now or Never" -

Yes, I have the headset on again as I watch the clock taunt me with each hour that passes midnight.

I am listening to "Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits".

And as I lay here listening to the sweet sounds of The King telling me that he cannot help falling in love with me, I am overwhelmed by the sheer breadth and scope of the body of work Elvis created.

I am actually too young to remember the early gold lamé Elvis; however, I can recall with total and complete clarity when I became an Elvis fan.

January 1973. The thin, devastatingly handsome, white jump suited Elvis was in my living room singing to me. Yes. Just to me.

Of course, he was wearing a Hawaiian lei and in reality was performing in his comeback classic, "Aloha from Hawaii".

Right there, sitting on the floor of my parents' living room, I knew that I had been converted.

I immediately knew that I had to get the cassette (remember those?) of the teevee special. It was the only Elvis music I bought.

And then ... Elvis came to Phoenix! And yes, I went. April 1973.

I still have the ticket stub and clippings from his appearance.

And time passed.

My tastes in music changed so dramatically. Being a desert girl surrounded by Rexall Rangers, I fell into the Urban Cowboy country/western music craze.

Later, I became a jazz snob. It had to be jazz ... eclectic, sassy, sexy, smooth and cool ... or it just was not music.

I grew older and grew wiser ... discovering the nuances of classical music and opera.

Meanwhile, I was spicing my music choices with flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar, and Latin music.

So now ... almost 30 years and a full circle later, I lay here unable to move yet find myself "bed dancing" to the amazing thirty #1 hits of Elvis Presley.

If you are even the smallest, wee bit of an Elvis fan ... I suggest you get this CD. It is remarkable. It is one of those CDs that is well worth the money.

It is definitely a take it on a roadtrip and sing along, baby CD.

So, now I will take Elvis's advice and do a little bit "less conversation and a little more action".



I am laying here after midnight with the headphones playing Faith Hill's latest CD, "Cry" ... and I am amazed at the remarkable manner in which she has "crossed over" to a pop (i.e. not country) sound.

I like it. A lot.

It is just one of the many CDs that I received for my [shudder] birthday earlier this month.

Music, art books, fine handbags, sensual scents, and precision writing pens are among the perfect gifts to satisfy this woman's desires.

Those ... and the warm, loving wishes of friends and family.

Mom brought a carrot cake to my bed (yes, I am still paralyzed by pain and unable to walk) with a single candle.

Normally I would blow the candle out while silently wishing for world peace, a cure for cancer, that not a single child goes to sleep hungry ... or some other wish for "mankind".

But this year, in a selfish act of desperation, I closed my eyes and blew the candle out and wished one wish: healing.

Yes, my dear friends and loving family showered me with wonderful birthday gifts but I know that with each fold of gift wrapping paper, with each shiny tied bow ... they, too, were in one accord wishing upon that one candle.

So, while the tracks of Faith Hill's "Cry" spin at warp speed in my walkman ... I lay here in gratitude for all that I have.


"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over
and let the beautiful stuff out."
- - Ray Bradbury - -

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