After a five month hiatus from all things internet ... I felt the need to post.

Go figure.

I want to post about Arizona's immigration law, gun law, and healthcare reform but my aspirational soapbox is out for repair.

I have, however, wondered about a few things. For example:

(a) Why do adults watch those night time cartoons? The 45 seconds of that drivel that I have watched let me know it is basically banal fifth grade "fart" humor. WTF?

(b) Why are weather forecasters so lame? I mean, I understand forecasting weather is a guessing game since it is not an exact science ... but freakin' please go outdoors and look up once and awhile. And why are you always the ones who are doing the foolish segments on the newscasts? It is some sort of subliminal message to indicate that you know you are all buffoons?

(c) Are there no original thinkers anymore? So many times I hear (or read) the concepts, ideas and/or musings of others only to realize that these pontifications are not original but instead the parroting of someone else's original thought ... without the courtesy of attribution. If someone gives you a good idea, a great quote, or the secrets to desalinating the earth's oceans, for criminy sakes, give credit where credit is due.

(d) How does someone change so much over the course of a few years: going from a kind, considerate gentle spirit ... to a swearin' tattoo wearin', beer swiggin' cynic who never smiles?

(e) Are the teased and dyed black hair, heavy make-up wearing, ugly fake fingernail flashing, gaudy jewelry possessing women depicted on the recent proliferation of New Jersey based reality tv shows really that over the top ridiculous? I cannot believe that these women are for real. Gawd, I hope that this is a small oddly specific segment of New Jersey and not a reflection of the women throughout the state.

(g) And speaking of the women of New Jersey ... The Glam Fairy? What the hell?!

(h) Since the richest men in the world are going to redistribute their wealth to charities, can anyone tell me how I get 501(c)(3) status?

(i) Do you Google or Bing?

(j) Do you refrigerate your ketchup, mustard and/or Tabasco or leave it out like they do on restaurant tables?

(k) Bret Michaels co-hosting "Miss Universe"? What the hell is Trump thinking?

Finally, Justin is a twit, Frank is a coward, Chris is a gentleman ... and I hope Ali and Roberto do live the romance dream.

And if I was not restricted from air travel, my next destination would be Tahiti.

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