For those of you playing along ...

Yes, I did get my Christmas lights and assorted decorations hung in time for Christmas. This year: the traditional red, green and gold in a classy, subdued (no Viva Las Vegas) display.

I took it all down yesterday. Some of my neighbors were dismayed by my quick removal but I have my reasons and primarily, it was when I felt like doing it and it was when I had time!

Meanwhile, I spent what is perceived as the most holy day of the year in the land of vice.

My sweet little Mother and handsome Brother love the world of gambling so off we went to one of the local casinos for an EXCELLENT buffet and a bit of slot machine time.

Since I do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or gamble ... I was a bit out of my element.

Especially when my brother put $50.00 in a slot machine and told me to "play it".   It was a $5.00 per play machine so in no time, the money was gone.

Arrrrgh ... it killed me inside. That $50.00 would have gone a long way at the St. Mary's Westside Food Bank or even towards my own prescription medications. My brother thought nothing of the loss ... but even now, two days later, and I cannot get it out of my mind how fast that money went into thin air.

I make a great income that most people would love to have ... but I work hard for that income and I just cannot understand the "rush" of betting money on a machine. Or the ability to justify the losses.

I will be spending New Year's Eve quietly in my own home enjoying the comforts therein.

And so to you all ... whoever you may be ... I wish you the very best in 2011 and may the slot machine of life pay off for you on every spin!

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Well, Holiday Greetings to all!

'Tis the season to be jolly but recently my ho-ho-ho has been a wee bit of a dud.

If you have been following my Twitter (yes, Virginia ... Jann does tweet) you will know that for years I have decorated the exterior of my home in serene (aka NOT viva Las Vegas) blue lights and blue snowflakes. People have commented how peaceful and "lovely" it looks.

Apparently the "all blue" theme has become the rage because before the last of the Halloween candy was eaten, my neighbors did their home in all blue ... and silver.

One neighbor's home is one piñata short of a Hanukkah Mexican wedding sans Mariachi Band! Ugh.

So I have retired my blue lights this year and have sought to do a sweet delicate candycane theme.

The illuminated candycanes I loved were put out for sale just as the stores were packing up the orange and black of Halloween.

I waited. I lost.

The wreaths I adored actually shared an aisle WITH Halloween decorations.

I waited. I lost.

I guess the lesson here is that "the early bird gets the worm" (aka illuminated candycanes and stunning door wreath) and that "all good things do NOT come to those who wait".


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