I have not felt well the past few days.

Actually, I have felt downright lousy.

Normally, Saturdays are spent cleaning.

Not today. Nope. No way.

Via NetFlix, I had three movies sitting here waiting to be watched.

So alas, I spent my afternoon snuggled in my bed with the heating pad warmly caressing my back, drinking Diet Coke and watching storm clouds flying by in the Arizona skies ...

... and I viewed "Finding Nemo", "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "How to Deal".

Of course, "Finding Nemo" was so very charming. I loved the movie. I find myself marveling at how much I enjoy animations since I never watched cartoons as a child. I really liked "Toy Story" (oh, so long ago) and "Shrek" (via cable tv). In "Finding Nemo", I enjoyed all of the characters especially the turtle using "surf dude" lexicon ... it made me laugh out loud.

And it was obvious why "MBFGW" received so many accolades and awards. It is very heartwarming although it was more fantastical than "Finding Nemo". Why? Men like the character Ian Miller (John Corbett) simply do not exist in real life! Talking fishies are more likely to happen.

I rented "How to Deal" because I enjoyed Mandy Moore so much in "A Walk to Remember". "How to Deal" was like eating a plain rice cake: no real purpose, no substance, and very little flavor. It was not bad; it simply "was".

Oh, by the way ... the other day I viewed "Alex and Emma" with Kate Hudson. A big mistake. Period.

For those of you who left movie suggestions, I added those movies to my NetFlix queue. And thank you!

Please feel free to leave movie suggestions ... I tend to be out of the loop so anything you suggest, I will most certainly check it out.

However, I should state that the only genre of movie that I do not have interest in is horror, i.e. "Friday the 13th" or blood & guts movies.

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Where does the time go?

I have been so busy doing a whole lot of nothing that I never seem to get anything done!

Perhaps I would "make time" to write if I had anything worth writing (hence, reading) ... but alas, things in JannLand have been rather banal.

I will tell you that today was one of those days that make me remember why I live in Hell (a.k.a. Phoenix in the summer). Clear, crisp blue skies ... the temperature is in the mid-60s with a slight breeze stirring the wispy clouds that happen by.


I drove through the city this afternoon with the auto windows down, and sexy jazz saxophone blaring on the car CD player. I was cruisin' baby ... just cruisin'.

Meanwhile, thanks to my membership with NetFlix, I have finally seen a movie made in this millennium that was not on cable! (I do not get out much).

First was "Pirates of the Caribbean". While I found parts of the movie amusing (all of them had to do with Johnny Depp) ... I found the film noir aspect of the movie distracting (I know it was necessary but distracting none the less).

I was, however, impressed with the special effects near the end of the movie when Jack Sparrow is swordfighting with Captain Barbossa in the cave of booty: going in and out of the moonlight becoming "the damned" and back again. Quite fun to watch.

Later that day, I watched "Frida" starring Selma Hayak. Having been a long time fan of Frida Kahlo's art ... and a lover of Diego Rivera's murals ... I enjoyed the "art" aspect of this movie. But the reality ... this is a beautifully articulated movie about two very tormented people who feed off of lust, excess, and their own pain (whether physical or mental). The movie is very unsettling due to its prevalent theme of adultery, betrayal, and political unrest.

It is interesting, but I told Jeff that I found the film depressing and sad ... however, here it is four days later and I keep thinking of Frida's need to paint and of Diego's commitment to the purity of this art. I guess the movie affected me more than I realized, eh?

I have "Alex and Emma" waiting to be watched and NetFlix just informed me that "Finding Nemo" and "How to Deal" will be here in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, happy February everyone!

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