I don't usually have time to watch daytime teevee.

Work, ya know.

However, today during lunch I watched some really lame show on HGTV wherein this woman took apart a USB connector and strung in on a leather cord, stuck some glass "flowers" in it and called it a necklace. Later she took apart a floppy disk and made some useless "book" type thing.

What the heck?

Like a moron, I sat there ... eating chicken salad ... eyes transfixed on her ministrations.

And no, you will NOT see me sporting computer parts as fashion accessories in the near (or far) future.

Wait ... maybe I should reconsider: some of this stuff is way, way cool!

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Dreamhost is blaming them. [see below]

Others are dumping Dreamhost.

I made a simple change and my email should no longer bounce. Or so I hope.

Sometimes there is a powerful beauty in the simplest of options.

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Well damn.

It seems that my webhost, Dreamhost, is having a wee bit of a problem with my ISP.

My ISP has blocked all emails forwarded through Dreamhost's hosted domains.

Yep, my email is bouncing like Dolly Parton on a trampoline!

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A hearty "thank you" to all who came by during the holidays and left a wee notelette.

I hope your special days were just that ... special.  Happy, healthy New Year to you.

Not too much to write except perhaps that last night I had one of those weird dreams: in it I taught Will Smith how to surf.

I have no clue where THAT came from!

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