I decided that I had better take the holiday theme down.

I was beginning to perceive the December entry as I do the residents of homes that leave their Christmas lights up year round:

Not good. Not good at all.

I have actually thought I would resolve to write a journal entry at least once a week but the truth is ... well, real life (meaning that which does not occur in, around or have anything to do with the computer and/or internet) holds more sweetness in one drop of reality nectar than a gallon of cyber slush.

If I could change the face of personal blogs/diaries/journals ... I would mandate that the each writer/contributor make one "gratitude" entry per week.

Then, perhaps, their constant lamenting about life's trials and tribulations may be tempered by the sweetness of having to seek out one thing per week that will remind them that the magic of simple joys and daily acceptance is derived from within themselves.

For me, in this place in my life, I have nothing to say that anyone wants to read. My life is ... status quo.

So for now ... know this: I am doing fine, my health is stable, my work is lucrative, my loved ones are faithful ... and the desert is blooming.

Life is good.

Make each day count.

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