So, my website host offers "stats" and I just forget that they are available to look through.

Bored with TV, I decided to check my "stats" ... and I find numerous links coming from various MySpace personal profile websites.

What the heck? I know NO ONE who uses MySpace.

I click on the link and lo and behold, the "hits" are from people linking directly to MY images ...

... stealing bandwidth.

Perhaps I am naive but who in the world nowadays does not know that bandwidth theft is a huge netiquette NO-NO?!

Yes, I was tempted to make the images (that these sites are linking directly to) into something embarrassing and foolish ... but I opted to just change the image name and let it go.

[Actually, I am lying. I DID make a VERY embarrassing image to replace the images that were being linked to ... but I decided to just rename the image and let it go. I guess it is better for my "spirit" than to be hateful, eh?]

I checked another group of "hits" and can you believe FOUR freakin' separate websites were actually directly linking to my three images for copyright compliance!

Schtoopid, schtoopid, schtoopid.

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This is a follow-up to the entry I wrote yesterday about Barbaro.

I kept checking MSNBC.com throughout the night to see if there was any update on Barbaro's condition.

Then, just now, I found this article. It was posted 20 minutes ago.

Perhaps good vibrations through prayer and best wishes do indeed help, eh?

So ... you continue to hang in there Mr. B.

Meanwhile, perhaps it would be prudent for all of us to open our thoughts and raise our voices to whatever God will listen ...

... and ask for divine intervention in the Middle East.

I cannot imagine how those people are feeling. The fear, the anger, the hate, the sense of loss.

No "taking sides" ... no who's right and who's wrong ... simply a prayer for peace.

And healing.

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I am sitting here feeling sick at heart.

In a world gone crazy with religious wars, territory battles, bombs and trains ... and people living in fear of potential terror that can happen at any time and anywhere ...

I seek respite in the good news stories often written about animals.

I love animals.

This time, however, the news is not good.

The beautiful and magestic Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro, who suffered traumatic injury to his right hind leg whilst running in The Preakness in May ... the horse that was making a miraculous recovery and surprising his veterinarians and trainers ... the horse with heart ... may be losing the battle.

Apparently things have not been going well and with additional surgeries, Barbaro has been fighting infection.

As the result, he is favoring his bad leg and causing uneven weight on his uninjured left hind leg causing a condition called laminitis that could prove fatal.

Today the vet held a news conference and revealed that Barbaro's condition is "poor".

It makes me sad.

While my brain tells me that I should feel sad, perhaps outraged, for the ever worsening human condition in the Middle East, India, etc. and I rationally know that what is going on in other parts of the world is the "real story" ...

... I sometimes find myself "owning" the animals that I read about.

Perhaps it is a sense of self-preservation looking for something that makes sense in an ever insane world.

Hang in there Barbaro ... hang in there.

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M&M's. Gawd, I used to love these wee chocolate treats when I was a child.

Fact: I still do.

But now, I avoid candy and treats because (1) the sugar is not good for me because I come from a family of diabetics and I avoid sugary stuff in my attempt to not become diabetic and (2) I do not know the meaning of the word "limit" when it comes to even a small bag of M&M's.

I have delusions of restraint thinking that if I buy one small baglette of "M-ees"... I will eat only 2-3 and save the rest.


Now it appears the folks at Mars Incorporated have come out with a gourmet version of this tasty treat.

Mmmmm ... imagine ... mmmmmm ...

... the candy shell in raspberry ... black cherry ... peach ... orange ... mint ... oh my!

The sampler tin is $50.00 which is mighty pricey for M&M's (it's not like they are Godiva Truffles) ...

... but I will admit, if these come out in a small baglette version, methinks I am going to "eat me some chocolate"!

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So, did you go see fireworks or perhaps have a picnic with family and friends to celebrate America's 230th birthday?

As I have aged, holidays that fall in the summer have taken on less and less importance to me.

I can remember as a child that our family would spend the day in the backyard playing badminton or volleyball ... tossing a frisbee ... chasing each other with squirt guns and whining to Mom because "Bob got me wet" only to then jump in the pool to cool down.

Late in the afternoon, the barbeque grill would get fired up and out would come burgers, dogs and all the fixins. It was the food of the gods.

As the sun began to set, Mom would bring out the wooden barrel ice cream maker and fill the magic container with ice and salt ... and we kids would take our turn at cranking that handle knowing that in time, out would come creamy smooth homemade vanilla ice cream that cooled our tummies and prepared us for some serious firework watching.

We would then climb the ladder that to me, as a child, seemed so high, so dangerous ... to the roof to sit on layers and layers of sleeping bags and blankets to watch the various firework shows around the Valley of the Sun. The heat would radiate from the roof through the layers of protective fabric and soon we would all be waiting for lemonade and ice cold watermelon.

Very ceremoniously, Mom or Dad would open that bright red "Coca Cola" metal ice chest that magically appeared upon the roof and in no time, we were all dripping with sweet juices of watermelon and salty rivers of sweat.

When the sky quieted and the neighborhood settled, Dad would help us kids down the ladder and the 4th of July faded into the summer night but burned brightly in our childhood memories.

Last night just after 9:30pm, I got into my car, drove through McDonald's for a Diet Coke and then drove to the brightly lit parking lot of a Mexican food restaurant; this safe location offered me the perfect view of the fireworks at Steele Park Fabulous Phoenix 4th.

There alone in the air conditioned comfort of my car with the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" CD for company ... I watched stunning fireworks for thirty minutes and quietly wished America "Happy Birthday".

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For June 2007, from the staff at the Talking Hands Award regarding SweetAspirations.com:

"Visual Delights Citation: Our singular purpose is to reward web site authors, who through their creative excellence provide a web site which teaches, contains teaching elements in sufficient detail, and otherwise leave a visitor with something of significant value after returning to their normal daily activities."

Talking Hands Award

Thank you. What a pleasant surprise to learn that "this ol' site" still holds creative value in its long-term endurance. I am honored.

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