Whew! I am glad that the first of the month is motivation for me to update this journal and get those damned ugly teeth images off of this main page.

So, in homage to those of you who commented on the teeth ... here is a brief follow-up:

Jeff: I am an old, old woman. Just ask my arthritic body! Only my teeth look young! But ... thank you for your kind words.

Cal: Thanks friend ... while they may not be perfect, I am no longer self conscious about my smile.

Sue: And a thank you to you too sweet Sue ... it was a tedious, often painful journey ... but yes, it was worth it.

Stephanie: Awww thanks Miz Stephanie ... and yes, it was worth it for more than cosmetic reasons (see below).

Becky: Hey you, how the heck are you stranger? Merci mon ami!

Kestrel: I am fortunate to not fear dentists and to have found a young talented DDS who makes everything seem so uncomplicated. About the BriteSmile ... did it hurt? Well, it was more "bothersome" than painful. You sit on a very uncomfortable lounge type chair at a slight recline, with retractors in your mouth holding your lips away from your teeth for just over one hour. Yep, uncomfortable but not painful. And the results are simply amazing!

Khevor: Hi hon ... well, thank you. So was it worth the gum surgery, the sore butt, the huge expense, yadda yadda yadda?

Yes, it was worth it.

I just completed a three day trade show in my career field (I was an exhibitor) and had the opportunity to see hundreds of my established clients within a 36 hour time frame:

I would say that at least 80% commented on how lovely I looked and how bright my face was ... (without noticing the change to my teeth) ...

... and most important to me ... they said that I radiated good health and strength!

Those comments alone were worth every penny, every doubt and hesitation, every Tylenol, and every moment of dental pain and discomfort.

My clients remained loyal to me in early 2002 when I almost died due to a pulmonary embolism and then a few months later, I was paralyzed by pain for ten months (unable to sit, stand or walk) due to a severe back injury. The few clients who have seen me (in late 2003) since I have recovered have noticed a strained look, a grimace of pain, and a noticeable weakness in my physical stature.

I owed it to them ... to my family and friends ... to those who love me ... to do better.

In January 2004, I changed my nutrition ... I began an exercise program to build my strength and endurance for simple, everyday tasks ... and I have chosen to rehabilitate myself back to shining, radiant health ... which included a program to restore my smile.

One woman, who has been a client for almost 15 years, wept as she saw me standing there ... straight and proud ... smiling brightly. She hugged me for a long time whispering over and over, "Thank you God for saving this precious woman."

Worth it? Oh You Betcha.

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