Needless to say, I have not had much to write about.

The minor piddlings of my life are too tedious to be of interest to anyone else. Hell, I even bore myself!

I can, however, offer a small word of advice:

If you have had oral surgery, do NOT choose any kind of tomato sauce (catsup, spaghetti sauce, marinara, etc.) as your first meal.

Dayum, it felt like I was eating hydrochloric acid! Actually, I was eating the acid of the tomato hence the stinging ... but I certainly did not expect it.

My new dentist is kinda cool. He's a young guy ... likes to swim for exercise, drives a BMW sportster convertible in silver, and has a rather odd sense of humor.

His staff is wonderful. Each person is so different but each is a gem ... which is terrific when you there to have your mouth poked, prodded, lasered and drilled. They all crack jokes but seem to be very skilled at their individual tasks; the lady who cleaned my teeth actually made it feel more like a "gum massage" than scraping off old sludge from my toofies.

As I sit here typing, I am wearing my custom fitted bleaching trays to get that youthful, bright smile look. It is just another step in the cosmetic improvements I am making to my teeth.

I thought these bleaching trays would be bulky and uncomfortable and no way would I be able to sleep wearing them. I was wrong. They are thin, perfectly fitted to my teeth and I have no doubt that I can sleep in them in the next two weeks.

Yet I am thinking about foregoing this whole bleaching thing every night for two weeks and doing the one-hour BriteSmile treatment. It says it will lighten your teeth at least nine shades in one hour.

Hmmm. Have any of you done BriteSmile? If so, let me know your opinions and your experience.

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Geesh! The spammers and derelicts who attempt to spread viruses have gone to a new low.

This is an email I received overnight:

Subject: Email account utilization warning.
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 09:13:28 -0500
From: support@sweetaspirations.com
To: Jann@sweetaspirations.com

Dear user of Sweetaspirations.com,

Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days, to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our free auto-forwarding service.

For details see the attach.

In order to read the attach you have to use the following password:

The Sweetaspirations.com team


Of course, there are two attachments to the email that undoubtedly contain some sort of nefarious viruses (per McAfee: W32/Bagle.n@MM) just waiting to pounce.

I copied the text and pasted it here and deleted the email lickety split.

I do not want no stinkin' viruses!

I cannot help but wonder ... what is the point?

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In Memoriam      

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Today I do not have a movie to write about. Instead I have a "heads up" product review.

But first, a brief history:

A few weeks ago I shredded my leg ... from the foot all the way up my shin ... while shaving my legs. The blood flowed. In fact, since I take blood thinning meds, I began to worry that I could not get the bleeding stopped.

However, I iced my leg (with bags of frozen vegetables stacked "up" my leg) and the bleeding finally abated.

How did I do this? Using one of those disposable pink ladylike razors, I took one long swipe on my left leg from the top of the foot to the bottom of my knee ... and did not feel a thing. Oh, but the 13"-15" scraped off skin wound made itself apparent immediately! It looked like the shower scene from "Psycho" in my bathtub.

A few days later I had to make my bi-monthly visit to the cardiologist. The lab ladies took one look at my leg and busted me to the doc.

Damn. Um, you see ... I am not supposed to play with blades, razors or too sharp knives because of the aforementioned meds.

He looked at my leg and said, "Got tired of the electric shaver, eh?" Damn straight! I am sick of freshly shaved nubby legs.

So ... he recommended that if I am going to use a blade, then get a good one. He said he thinks the Mach 3 Turbo is the best and to dump those pink plastic disposable things.

Ladies, I took his advice.

I have never experienced a more smooth shave on my legs ... no nicks ... in fact, it felt like I was shaving with butter! The razor is weighted well and feels right in my hand ... and it has these blue and green strips that make going over kneecaps and ankles so very easy.

I paid just under ten bucks for the razor with two 3-blade cartridges ... and I think the extra blades are around $6.00.

Maybe a bit pricey for leg shaving ... but girlfriends, it is worth every penny.

I bought my brother one of the original Mach razors a few years ago and he still uses it ... says it gives him the cleanest shave and he never cuts himself.

So, there you go my friends, a uni-sexual product review.

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