According to an article today on MSNBC.com (and ultimately from Newsweek), the era of the ultra low rise jeans is about to end.


Not that I care for myself because I am too mature and too conservative to wear such trendy nonsense ...

... it is just that I am sick of seeing females (of all ages) wearing these barely there jeans; females whose figures overtly display that they absolutely should NOT be wearing them.

We keep reading how America is growing increasingly obese yet the fashion trend is to wear jeans that fit so unflatteringly on 95%+ of the women that wear them?!

Love handles, poochey stomachs and flab hanging over the extemely low waistband is NOT a good look no matter what your age!

I know it will take months and months for womenfolk to "give up" their low rise jeans ...

... as fashion trends die hard ...

... but come on ladies/girls/females, get with the program!

Put the ultra low rise jeans down and back away from the closet.

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Let me preface this post by stating that at one period in my life, I flew hundreds of thousands of miles as part of my job. I spent more time in airports and on airplanes than I did in my own home. I knew flight schedules by memory and grew to know various airports' staff and flight crews by name - - they too, knew me.

Now, the thought of being in an airport and going through the hassles associated with flying makes me weary. Yes, just the thought of it.

However ...

I enjoy the A & E reality series "Airline". If you are unfamiliar with the series, it focuses on the employees of Southwest Airlines and the ensuing various interactions with passengers in all types of circumstances and situations while in the airports, boarding/unboarding at the gates, at the ticketing desks, baggage claim, etc.

So, the other night I was channel surfing and came across a TV program entitled "Flight Attendant School" on The Travel Channel. It caught my interest, so I watched. This series is about the schooling that flight attendants undergo for employment with Frontier Airlines.

Both shows are interesting enough to hold my attention but I doubt I would ever "plan" to watch additional episodes of either show. They serve as an interstice while looking for something else to watch.

Something at the end of "Flight Attendant School" caught my attention. It was one of those "in memoriam" dedications.

It showed a birthdate and date of death and a photo of Pam Gardner who was on the show as the Director of Customer Service Training and Development. On the show, Pam was bubbly, "perky" but professional and one of those women who looked like they take very good care of themselves: perfectly groomed, lovely clothes, and aging gracefully.

I had just watched her on two episodes on "Flight Attendant School" and as such, I immediately wanted to know how and when she passed on.

There is a tribute page to Pam from Frontier Airlines [link removed 2012 - no longer active]. In further searching the web, it turns out that Pam died quite unexpectedly from a blood clot.

Yes, a blood clot.

The same insidious killer that took the life of NBC correspondent, David Bloom, while reporting the war in Iraq.

This year, whilst watching the winter Olympics, I realized that I could celebrate a bit of an anniversary. Four years ago in January 2002, I survived a blood clot that passed to my lung.

I beat the odds.

I often wonder why.

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Yes, today is St. Patrick's Day.

Since I am as old as Methuselah, I will not be going out partying tonight.

No "wearin' o' the green" or toasting the leprechauns that appear after one too many Guinness.

Those days are long gone for me.

If YOU choose to go out tonight and celebrate, please do not drink and drive.

Sure ... go ahead and party with the shamrocks, seeking that pot o' gold at the bottom of a cocktail ...

... but please have a sober designated driver to make sure you - - - and the others on the road - - - live another day to celebrate St. Paddy's for years to come!

A world of wishes at your command,
God and His angels close at hand,
Friends and family, their love impart,
And Irish blessings in your heart!

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Oh baby, did it rain! (see the post below).

All day yesterday and into the night. I was in desert Heaven!

For those of you who get rain on a regular basis and are surrounded by woods, grasslands, or anything growing ... you perhaps will not understand how the lack of rain truly affects the desert southwest.

Sure, there is the drought that comes with no rain wherein all of the plants, desert grasses, wildflowers, and yes, even cactus ... begin to die away.

But let me tell you about the air. It becomes thick like sludge. The dust particles never settle. You can clean your house leaving all of the doors/windows closed and in just a matter of minutes, the smooth surfaces are covered in dust.

I live in an area of Phoenix that looks southward "down" into the city (Valley of the Sun) and one can normally see across the city to South Mountain. However, in the past weeks, the air was brown and thick and unbreathable ... and South Mountain simply disappeared. Even though I live miles from it, I can always see the huge Chase Field (formerly BankOne Ballpark, home of the AZ Diamondbacks) ... but lately, it too, has disappeared.

I was beginning to think that like Atlantis, Phoenix would eventually sink. Not into the watery abyss of the legend but instead into the filthy air of smog and dust and soot... and then, simply disappear.

But alas, after yesterday, the Phoenix bird has risen ... the air is clean and everything looks bright and shiny and new again. Leaves and bushes that looked like they would live no more are now standing proud in the brisk morning breeze and bright sunlight.

I know I MUST enjoy this refreshed Phoenix NOW because only in a matter of days, everything will be dusty again. People will sneeze, cough and constantly have to clear their throats.

Today, however, I am in desert Heaven. While it is a bit damp and cool (43)... I have already been grocery shopping, took a brief ride through the desert and then washed my car (myself).

Yes, it rained and the metro Phoenix area could not be happier.

I could not be happier.

Unless of course, it rained again next week! ;-)

- - - - - -

PS: Arizona got wet throughout most of the state with huge snowfall totals in the high country. Believe me, it was desperately needed to help with the forecasted severe fire season that looms ahead.

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I awoke to the sound of rain.

RAIN! Beautiful, wet, cleansing, nourishing rain!

Rain, rain, rain, rain. Steady, even, puddle making rain!

*doing the happy dance*

Just checked local weather on daybreak news and we could get an inch of rain!

I just know that all of those desert plants that have gone six months without a droplet of water are stretching up to the sky in appreciation!

Ahhhhh yes, rain.

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Yes, I AM still around ... just busy. Real busy.

My real life career has me jumpin'. I do not remember a previous span of time that has been so consistently busy and has kept me working without respite for days on end.

I find myself playing "catch up" with paperwork on weekends and trying to squeeze in the time (and more importantly, the energy) to do things like clean my house, grocery shop, and pick up my dry cleaning!

I am one of those stay organized, get the job done, review the work, and make sure the end product is without doubt, the best it can be. I do not "settle".

As such, I plan and execute my tasks. I organize my time. I check and re-check my quotes and client letters.

However, the days that once held 24 hours now seem too short to get everything done.

My life has been complicated by an aging Mother who has been trying my patience with her lack of compliance with her diabetes management. In addition, she has been diagnosed with heart problems and we have spent many, many hours doing the cardiac-physician-testing dance.

Mom took such good care of me when I was paralyzed by pain for month upon month ... and it is my turn to make sure she is taken care of.

But I gotta admit that her "games" with her diabetes medications and meals has got me to the breaking point. Why do old people do such lame things?

Oh, by the way ... I have a new little brother. This is Muffin ...


He is adorable, can be so sweet ... but he is also a terror with his sharp lil' nails and even sharper little puppy teeth. All I can say is "thank God for Dermablend" ... because my arms get so cut up and bruised by him and without the thick body make-up Dermablend, my clients would want to hospitalize me!

Muffin is a pricey AKC Bichon Frise and apparently the child of champions. According to the AKC website, Muffin's temperament should be "gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate. A cheerful attitude is the hallmark of the breed and one should settle for nothing less."

Okay. When?

Thanks to all of you who leave comments and keep checking back to see if I have come out of my cave to write. Yes, I am fine ... just busy.

Oh, and for those of you keeping score ... Phoenix has now gone 139 days without rain. It is dry.


Be well.

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