I came here to click on a link and saw that my "comments" had changed to some obtrusive, ugly white boxes of advertising crap.

I had not come into my site since Christmas ... imagine my surprise.


Something called Echo.

Then I did some checking and learned my beloved Haloscan is gone. Died. Equipment Failure.

Or so they said.

They also said they emailed people to inform them of the change but I received no such email.

Bye Haloscan

I have absolutely no interest in finding a new "comment" program since no one reads this drivel and makes comments anyway.

I'm just torqued off that I now have to go into my archives and edit out all the Haloscan code to delete that Echo nonsense.

If I HAD known, when I "redesigned" the site last year to get rid of frames ... I would have edited all the code out of those pages at that time.

Now ... crap.

The world spins on its axis and things change.

One constant however is that it is Springtime in Arizona and I am one massive snotting, snorting, sneezing mess.

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