I cannot believe I am doing this ... but a promise is a promise.

Here are the "before" and "after" on the cosmetic changes to my teeth.


Uh, let me point out that these photos were taken with a retractor inside my lips so ONLY my teeth show ... that is NOT my smile! ;-)

What prompted me to go and do this was the small chip on the lower edge of the upper front tooth on your right. The two upper front teeth were veneers that were done over 16 years ago that originally were beautiful and had closed the diastema (gap). Age and losing a tooth in the back caused the teeth to separate; so, if I was going to get the chip fixed, why not go for it, eh? And would you believe, these teeth looked so white and clean BEFORE all of the work ... ewwwww.


These teeth have been whitened by BriteSmile, the upper gums were lasered back to make the tooth surface longer, and I had a frenectomey (A frenectomy is the surgical removal of a frenum in the mouth. A frenum is a fold of tissue that passes from the movable lip or cheek to the gum ... I had it removed to prevent the space from coming back).

There are six porcelain veneers all on the top.

Here is a bit of a smile ...


Julia Roberts I am not ... but these teeth look pretty doggoned good now for an ol' broad, eh?

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Well, the temps are off and the shiny, bright white veneers are on.

Whose smile is that on my face? It is so odd ... that is not my mouth.

Which, I suppose, was the whole point of this very tedious and expensive endeavor, eh?

Once again, the dentist had to tear up my gums. He warned me it would hurt tonight ... and whoa Nellie, he was not kidding!

I promised before & after photos and it will happen. Actually, el dentista took many "before" digital photos and when I go back next week for a follow up and to get my permanent nightguard, he will take the "after" pictures. He wants the hamburger-look of my gums to heal and fill in first.

I have to tell you this ... the dentist is a hoot. He is young, funny and very playful with his staff. They play satellite "soft rock" music in the office and he sings along or makes sarcastic comments about the lyrics.

Today, when he first got started, he popped off the temps and laid the first veneer on the tooth to check the fit. Ooops, he dropped the veneer in my mouth and my tongue "caught" it. He went "whew!" ... then said, "I am sure glad that you did not swallow it. We would have had to reschedule you in 3-4 days, depending on how regular you are."

There I was, laying almost totally horizontal with a klieg light blinding me, rolls of cotton distorting my lips, mouth numbed to paralysis ... and he totally cracked me up.

The cosmetic work is done. The structural improvements will be made over the next few months. Oooh fun.

Anyhow, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo ... so go eat some yummy chips, guacamole and hot salsa for me!

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