There was a death in my home today.

Over thirteen years ago, whilst traveling through southern New Mexico on an extended business trip, my hair dryer went "poof" (*pun intended*) one morning as I was preparing for the day's work.

I called down to the front desk of the hotel (Carlsbad, NM) and asked where I could buy a hair dryer. This was, sadly, before hair dryers became a standard amenity in hotel rooms.

They gave me driving directions to a large retail store just off the main highway. Following their advice, I ventured out ... hair damp and quite UNattractive ... and found the store.

Hmmm. Walmart? What kind of a store was this huge place with the overcrowded parking lot?

This was my first exposure to the world of Sam Walton. Neither Walmart nor Sam's Club had found their way to Phoenix.

I can remember walking in and thinking, "This is like K-Mart on steroids!" The place was big, noisy and smelled of burnt popcorn.

After getting assistance from the blue vested lady who welcomed me into the store ... which, by the way, made me feel awkward and uncomfortable ... I found the personal appliances section and bought a Conair SuperMax. White with turquoise buttons.

I have used that hair dryer at least every other day (if not more) for thirteen years. Damn good record, I would say!

Today it died. It went out literally in a puff of smoke. Stinky smoke that set the hallway smoke detector off. Ick.


Although I did not go to Walmart, nor did I travel to Carlsbad, NM ... I did buy another Conair hair dryer.

I hope it gives me half the service of its predecessor.

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