SinPantalones writes about her Husband's encounter with a SoCal "demanding" street beggar.

It is hard for me to truly comprehend the level of pervasive greed because apparently Husband's offering wasn't sufficient. Not for the old man in the wide brimmed hat.

However, a few days ago I was sitting in my car ... the engine running ... while finishing a phone call with a friend before venturing into The Mall.

A young woman, perhaps in her early twenties, came up to the driver's side and just stood there looking at me.

I pressed the window's "down" button carefully because she was obviously a street person and well, sometimes they are well, um ... let's just say "not safe".

I politely asked her, "What do you want?"

She replied quietly ... her voice sad ... almost resolute to being refused:

"I am not asking for money. I am hungry. Would you drive over there to Taco Bell (she pointed northward in the mall parking lot) and get me something to eat?"

No excuses. No lies. No demands.

Just a straight forward, "I am hungry".

My heart broke.

I asked her what she wanted to eat and she said that she would walk over there at the drive thru menu and tell me.

Five minutes later she was sitting under a tree in The Mall parking lot ... eating her Taco Bell #8 Meal. I added a couple of desserts as a treat.

A simple exchange: I fed her stomach. In doing so, she fed my soul.

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I guess every place has its own definition of Fall colors.

I took these photos yesterday morning around my home:

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I am still thinking about fragrances of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

I remember my very first cologne. I must have been about 7, maybe 8 ... and a friend of my father gave me this small jar of solid fragrance by Avon with a white daisy sculpted into the top. I am guessing it was called "Daisy". I have no recollection of the scent, only the memory of the jar.

I smile when I think back about the deep blue atomizer of Evening in Paris that sat on my Mother's dresser.  It was so pretty with the golden ball and tassel.  I loved the soft cloud of fragrance that followed her out of the bedroom.

As a young teenager (DECA), I worked in a cosmetics department at a JC Penneys and soon was wearing Love's Baby Soft, Jovan's Musk, Heaven Scent by Helena Rubinstein, and Love's Fresh Lemon by Dana.

I felt so sophisticated when I wore Revlon's Charlie ... so adult when I wore Revlon's Intimate ... and so girlie when I wore Chantilly by Dana ... and so hip when I wore any fragrance by Yardley (because it came from England and so did the Beatles and Twiggy!)

I wore Cachet by Prince Matchabelli as my teenage "signature scent".

Not all fragrances pleased me.

While I found the red and black packaging featuring a bullfighter really fascinating, Maja Perfume by Myrugia was horrible. Another fragrance that literally made my eyes water and stomach turn was Moon Drops by Revlon.

Long after the Evening in Paris disappeared, Mom began wearing Caesar's Woman (because Dad gave it to her ...back when it was expensive and chic) and I simply could not bear to be within three feet of her. She also wore one of the Gucci fragrances that I disliked immensely.

As I said below, I could not stand Chanel No. 5 or No. 19. Nor did I like the Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche that came in the blue and black striped can. Ugh. (I do, however, like YSL's Paris)

I found Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld too strong, could not stand Prince Matchabelli's Wind Song, found Coty's Emeraude too sweet ... and did not like anything scented like roses (which is weird, because now I love rose scented bath products).

It is so strange that I have such strong recollections of the fragrances I wore (or disliked) 30-35 years ago. I can almost "smell" them as I type this.

While I am thinking about it ... I read recently the Crabtree & Evelyn had filed for bankruptcy. Damn shame too ... I loved some of their stuff. Real quality. I guess they are not going out of business, just reorganizing their finances.   I just loved the scent of C & E's Savannah Gardens and their Rose Mist ... both of which have been long discontinued.

Anyway ... if you have managed to get through these last two posts, brava!

Just wait until I get into my lengthy discussion of men's colognes and aftershaves!

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I have been taking late night nostalgic trips online looking at sites that feature the history of perfume/fragrance.

So many memories have been coming back to me about certain perfumes/colognes that are no longer popular and have become obscure.

It is funny ... I have always liked the greener scents like the old Muguet des Bois by Coty or Aliage by Estee Lauder.

But then again, I love-love-love the spicy scents like Royal Secret, Cinnabar and Opium. And the sweeter but heavy scents like Tabu, Halston, and Obsession. And the softer scents like Chanel No. 22 and Anais Anais.

Speaking of Chanel No. 22 ... I adored No. 22 (first released in 1922 ... and no, I wasn't around for that release) and wore it often ... but did not like the classic Chanel No. 5 or obscure No. 19.

I wish I could find the original Gianni Versace that was made for women. Not the later "Versace Woman" version ... but the actual original scent first released in 1982 that was packaged in a gold foil box with the red and gold geometric design and contained a faceted bottle. Mmmmm.

I purchased a bottle of Gianni Versace Parfum Spray in 1992 in the Gianni Versace shop inside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and loved it so much.  It was love at first sniff.  Every time I wore it, I was complimented on the wonderful fragrance.

There was another fragrance I loved that I also bought in Las Vegas. It came from the Luxor Gift Shop and was packaged in a pyramid shaped box ... and the bottle had an silhouette of Nefertiti on its label. I think I bought it in the late 1980s when I lived in Las Vegas. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it.

The Luxor perfume reminded me so much of another vintage favorite of mine, Chypre Eau De Toilette by Coty.

There was just something remarkable about those older formulas that just emanated with femininity.

I had a perfumier in Sedona make a scent that was uniquely mine. His shop closed and I thought the fragrance was gone forever. He has resurfaced and he has kept all his notes ... and my supply is plentiful.

Of the more semi-current to current fragrances ... I like and wear:

Fiorucci, Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior, Glo by Jennifer Lopez, Juicy Couture, and Clean Baby Girl by Dlish.

In my research, I found a company that makes pure fragrances called "Demeter". It is not a perfume house ... simply fragrances. Yummy, weird, funny, bizarre.

Have any of you tried their library of fragrances?

And what scents ... old or new ... makes you smile with sweetly fragrant memories?

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To Sue and Elise:
... more than the 'leftovers' at someone's home, I hope that these huge stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, etc. do participate in the program that Sue wrote about and that they send the leftover candy to our troops, etc.

I simply cannot imagine having the thousands of bags of Halloween goodies just tossed in the trash because they did not sell.

Since we had so few trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, my neighbor had numerous unopened bags of candy left over and she took that candy to one of the local charity stores that sells clothes and stuff to raise money for battered and displaced women.

I have a friend who has dozens of little kids (cousins, grand kids, great grand kids, etc.) in and out of the family home throughout the week so I gave him my left over Little Debbie snacks.

I recently celebrated someone's birthday and between the Little Debbie snacks, birthday carrot cake and a birthday peach pie ... I was on a wee bit of a sugar rush for about 48 hours!

So the last thing I need around here is more sugar based food. Ugh.

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I did not wear my sexy-kitty half mask last night.

Hell, I only had two groups of trick-or-treaters and they came while it was still daylight.

No more after that.

Apparently they were going to some sort of kids' Halloween function and wanted to get their booty before heading out.

Total treat giveaway = ten Little Debbie Snack Treats.

Most surprising to me was that in both groups of kids, the parents were dressed in costume and they held bags out for treats too.

Is that how it is done these days?

When I was small enough to require parental supervision, Mom would walk with us little kids on the street for safety but then when we went up to a house, she would hide from view while keeping a watchful eye on us.

No way would she have considered putting on a costume nor would she actually go up to doors. Especially to hold out a bag for candy.

Difference space in time.

It was otherwise very quiet in my neighborhood and I did not hear the normal teenage banshee hooligans raising a ruckus.

Perhaps those troublemakers of past Halloweens have aged enough to know better ... or have lost interest.

Meanwhile ...

Early yesterday morning, I had to hobble myself (due to the still ever present painful back) to Sam's Club to buy heavy duty packing tape.

Lining the entry aisles were 8' tall stacks of Halloween candy that stretched maybe 40' long.

What in the world do they do with all that candy that does not sell?

I certainly hope it goes to a food bank, a shelter or a food serving line for the homeless.

And to whomever may read this ... which nowadays is a slim few ... please remember that this time of the year the food banks, the free kitchens, and the outreach programs are truly strapped for food, money, warm clothing and blankets.

I know the economy is bad but if you are able ... please remember them by bringing a turkey or two to a food bank, volunteer to serve at a free kitchen, send a donation ... help in any way you can.

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