Back hurts. Big time.

Night before last ... I was doing some late night channel surfing and came across an HBO Comedy Special "Wanda Syckes: I'ma Be Me".

Even in massive pain ... I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I have no idea why, but the section she does about pirates totally cracked me up.

I guess because what she has to say about the modern day pirates has actually crossed my mind several times when I read news stories of them taking control of various seafaring vessels.

Wanda is a lesbian and refers to her wife as "French. Because it sounds better than saying she's white".

The HBO Comedy special is currently running on the HBO On Demand option and will be there until November 9th.

If you like off-the-wall-current-subject-matter satire and can deal with her foul mouth ... you gotta watch it.

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In the post below, I mentioned that I purchased a black kitty-face half mask.

It prompted me to look online at half masks.

The Venetian Mask Society has some really incredible (and pricey) masks.

I particularly like the Luxury masks and the Joker masks.

And for the budget minded shopper, there is the Mardi Gras Outlet with an interesting selection of masks.

Lest we not forget, the healthy mask.

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So, my "should I decorate or not" dilemma has pretty much resolved itself.

There will be no Halloween decorating for this little girlie.

I did something to my already whacked-out lower back and the pain is being totally unreasonable.

Yes, I try to reason with pain.

But neither my powers of persuasion ... the handsful of Tylenol and Advil nor muscle relaxers ... are winning the pain argument. The pain is being obstinate and not listening to me.

I am allergic to 99% of serious painkillers but I am eyeing the full bottle of Vicodin and seriously thinking about "trying" to take it again.

So .. anyway ... I did buy a very pretty black rhinestone with fur on velvet half mask that looks like a sexy kitty face. It even has whiskers.

Putting that on myself to hand out treats is all the "decorating" I am going to do.

(Of course, I resurrected the old Halloween graphic I made for this journal.)

As a side note, last night I watched a HGTV Halloween show and it gave me lots of great ideas for future Halloween decorating.)

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Bottom line: some people should not have pets.

In life, I have come to realize that there are "pet people" and "everyone else".

I am the former.

However, I have known a few families that are simply too selfish, too lazy or too self-absorbed to own, care for and love a pet.

I am not referring to families or individuals who simply choose not to have a pet. That is your prerogative and shows a sense of understanding one's limitations or choices. It is a responsible decision.

No, I refer to these people or families who get a pet ... keep it awhile ... and then, in a matter of weeks, it is gone.

People, don't you get it? Pets are a responsibility. They take time. They require work.

The return on this investment is remarkably unfathomable because a pet's love cannot be measured quantitatively.

A pet's love simply ... is. Unconditional. Sweet.

I have watched one family adopt (or buy or be given) one pet after another and then ... when they tire of the infant-stage cuteness ... when the cleaning up becomes too tedious ... the feeding becomes a chore ... the training becomes too much work ... the barking, clawing, shedding, mewing, or chewing becomes bothersome ...

... they take the pet to a shelter, or humane society ... or even worse, turn it loose in the neighborhood or uninhabited area.

They have taken a wonderful creature and used it for their temporary amusement and then, when they tired of it ... they "dispose" of it like used tissue.

I think there should be some sort of law that says if you adopt it, it is yours forever. End of story.

But then again, the people who treat animals like they are throw away toys are the same people who would end up abusing the pet.

Perhaps what I find most disturbing is the fact that these families have children and the children are learning this ugly behavior from their parents.

On the other hand, on Monday, I attended a birthday party for a 4 year old ... dog.

Yes, there were party favors, a cake for the humans, healthy treats for the dog, and presents.

Sure ... this is way over the top. But the family loves this animal so much that they celebrate the dog's life and contribution to their home.

They are pet people.

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Global warming.


Image courtesy of Weather.com. Heat courtesy of God.

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Ain't technology amazing?

The folks at Dyson have created something that, if it works as it is intended, is simply genius.

Meet the Dyson Air Multiplier:


Click on the image and take a look.

I have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and love it.

Before I commit to one of these, I want to see ... and feel ... it work.

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I can't decide whether or not to decorate my home's exterior with Halloweenie stuff.

It is a lot of work (if I do it "right").

I think it is great fun but in the past, I have been known to scare the neighbor kids so badly that they do not want to come trick-or-treating at my house.

The low lying smoke, horror screaming sound effects and fire torches have a tendency to panic little kidlings.

In addition, I put on a realistic long black wig and witch make-up/costume and those poor kids did not stand a chance!

So, a couple years ago I did a small display that was "sweet" with cute smiling ghosties and pumpkins. That didn't seem to scare anyone. Neither did my child-friendly leopard costume.

The sad part is ... even though I live in a gated community ... I have to worry about hooligans coming in and stealing the "good decorations".

I am thinking that this year I would dress up as an over-the-top wannabe glamorous hooker.

Or ... one of those little girls from "Toddlers and Tiaras".

Actually, it is the same costume.

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I have this odd tendency to see people and think they are other people.

Especially actors and actresses. Since I seldom will associate a name to them anyway (unless they are either older stars or huge names), I think (the key word to note is THINK) they they are someone else.

For example, in an episode of "Royal Pains" (USA Network) there was a female actress who played a domineering senator's wife who was trying to make her football playing son politically perfect.

I thought she was the actress from "Big" or "He Said She Said".

Nope ... that actress is Elizabeth Perkins.

The actress in Royal Pains was actually Margaret Colin ... who also has a substantial acting career.

Do they look similar to you?


I recently did it again (sorry Jeff) with two actors.

There is a new ABC TV series coming out in November called "V" which is apparently a remake of a series from the mid-1980's.

Anyhow, in watching the promos for "V", I thought that the actor playing the reporter was David Charvet who is formerly of Baywatch fame and married to model/actress Brooke Burke.

Nope. Wrong again.

That actor in "V"is Scott Wolf ... who also has a substantial acting career.

Do they look similar to you?



Don't even get me started on songs that sound like other songs!

But ... while I am thinking about it ... do me a favor and go to any website where you can listen to "Sweet Lullaby" by The Rippingtons off their Modern Art CD and tell me what song (possibly an old pop song with lyrics?) that "Sweet Lullaby" reminds you of.

It's driving me nuts.

PostScript: Sorry about the photo quality of the actors ... I tried to get poses that were similar and the selection was limited and not the best quality.

10-11-09 FOLLOW-UP: In response to my own query about the similarities of "Sweet Lullaby" off The Rippingtons' Modern Art CD, the song I was trying to come up with is "Yesterday When I Was Young".

Believe it or not, there is a bridge in "Sweet Lullaby" that sounds like a stanza in that ol' Roy Clark song.

Go figure.

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Notice anything different?

Frames are gone.

No separate navigation pages.

Took out the stuff that I felt no longer mattered.

Left in the pages that are special to me.

Intensified the graphics (still monochromatic but deeper and brighter).

The art is different ... but the same. I used the same images but reworked the layout. (I'm am just not interested in doing a complete site redesign ... someday. Not now.)

Perhaps this will make navigating and returning easier for anyone who drops in.

Next up ... the RSS feed on journal content and comments. (A word of warning: don't hold your breath!)

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