Okay, so I will admit that I have not stayed on the technology train and traveled into the vast world of SmartPhones.

I have a "old" Motorola Razr V3x phone and a Bluetooth earpiece ... and with both I am a content lil' camper. This Razr can take photos (if necessary), surf the net (which I have never done with my phone), send/receive text and email (which I do only in a communication "crisis") and communicate my phone calls ... its primary function.

When using the Razr, I try to be polite in public and not speak loudly. I do not get on the phone and then try to conduct business at the bank, dry cleaners, the drive thru, or any other environment where using the phone while conducting other conversations is inappropriate and rude. If I am in a situation where I must take a call, I excuse myself and step away.

After reading this article on CNN.com I can indeed say that while the SmartPhones may be "smart" ... the users often times are not.

My extended family from out-of-state recently came for a visit. I loved having them here! What a treasure to see and be with family you have not seen in 20+ years.

One of these family members has a serious addiction to his SmartPhone and I have to say, I never saw him without it and actively "using it".

Hell, at first I did not even know what he was looking at! I had to ask.

He had it in his hand at restaurants, family dinners, and all the activities. When we had quiet conversation time to just get to know one another, there again ... it never left his hand.

I have to admit, it is disconcerting to try to communicate with someone who is so completely distracted. At times, I felt robbed of his presence because he just did not seem 100% "in the moment". His eyes seldom left the phone even though he was nodding and responding to conversations ... and was perhaps able to follow along with no difficulty ... it just felt like he wanted to be "IN" that phone more than he wanted to be communicating with those around him.

At first I thought "How rude!" ... but later it became "How sad."

Sure, I will admit that I am old enough to be his mother and I was raised differently ... but at what point do people start realizing that their compulsion to electronica can be sad, hurtful and disappointing?

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