I am truly at a loss for words.

What can one say about the devastation and destruction that Katrina has wrought upon the Gulf Coast states?

I remember post 9/11, I felt wounded inside. Empty and disbelieving.

For the past few days I have sat for hour upon hour switching from FOXNews to CNN to MSNBC.

Once again, I feel wounded. Empty and disbelieving.

How do you wrap your mind around such loss of life ... loss of lifestyle ... loss of property ... loss of dignity afforded in the simple act of washing one's face?

We are a resilient nation. We always have been.

But how, pray God, do these evacuees ... the displaced and homeless ... the unemployed ... the families broken by death and are grieving ... how will all of these folks who have lost everything pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move forward?

How does the resiliency find its way into the spirit, the soul if you will, of these angry, depressed, horrified and desperate individuals who are in shock with their loss, their grief and their disbelief.

I beg of anyone who passes by here ... no matter what your financial situation is ... please open your hearts and yes, your pocketbooks to aid in the relief for this disaster.

So many of us are hurting financially ... and a large donation is out of the question. Anything given ... a nickel ... a dime ... anything will help.

And if you pray, to any God that will listen ... pray for the spirit of the people that it can be healed.

Pray for guidance of the administrators that they can make smart, logical decisions that will expedite aid to all of those affected.

Pray for our nation ... a nation that knows resiliency but right now, is challenged beyond all reason to find and understand how to be resilient.

I pray. I pray with tears of fear, frustration, and sadness coursing down my face. I pray in thanksgiving when a miracle of survival is revealed.

I pray that soon I will no longer be empty and disbelieving.

Bless you Kem and family. Bless you Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Bless you America.

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