In September 2003, I wrote a short "story" reflecting my memories and perception of the tragedy that occurred on 09/11/01.

The "project" I wrote it for never acknowleged it.  Never commented on it.  Never linked to it.

It was dismissed. Actually, I was dismissed.

It was, however, a chronicle of a time in my life.

It was ... and is ... my voice:

9/11 - Days of Waiting

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**This is a reprise of a journal entry I wrote on 9/12/04.

The Healing Field is back in Tempe this year. I will never forget the impact of so many ... so many flags ... representing so many lives.**

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I had to go. The voice inside my mind told me that I would regret it if I did not.

The Healing Field came to Tempe, AZ this weekend to commemorate and to "honor, remember and heal".

I purposely stayed on the freeway that looks down upon Tempe Town Lake and the beautiful park. As I approached the park, the sunlight was glinting off the lake ... temporarily blinding me with a glorious flash of light.

And then ... there they were ... 4000+ white poles ... anchored in the soil of everyday life ... with a mass of red, white, and blue American flags waving in the early morning breeze.

My breath caught in my throat as I remembered the flags that a united America displayed in the days and weeks that followed 9/11.

I exited the freeway and found myself nervous as I made my way to the parking area.

Walking into the park yesterday morning is something I will never forget ... and will cherish until the day I die.

As I walked amongst the rows and rows of flags, I was shocked at the sheer volume ... the overwhelming number ... of the lives lost that each flag represents.

I wept without embarrassment.

I have never really put a quantitative perspective on 4000+ ... but dear God, so many flags ... on and on and on ... so many souls.

So many families and friends missing someone.

The Healing Field not only represents the lives of those taken from us on 9/11 ... but also displays one flag bearing a yellow ribbon for every soldier who has lost their life in Afghanistan or Iraq. These yellow ribbons are embellished with a card indicating the name and rank of the soldier with where ... and how ... the soldier died.

As I stood in the quiet moments of morning ... before the crowds began to arrive ... my eyes were drawn to the bright blue Arizona sky. There, directly overhead, was a commercial airliner steadily climbing in the atmosphere but seeming to pause ... as if to catch a glimpse of the park below. It was somehow fitting that the flight path for Sky Harbor brought the planes directly over a symbol of healing.

I have many, many thoughts and feelings about the sights and sounds of The Healing Field ... but they shall remain held carefully and ever-so-tightly in my heart.

Instead, here is my yesterday morning in photographs (click the image):

The Healing Field


Long Shadows

State Flag Representation


In Memory Of ...

Yellow ... Red ... White ... Blue

So Many Yellow

Heroes ... Soldiers

Young Marines Remembering

Tempe Town Lake - East

Tempe Town Lake - West

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